St. Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Making, giving and receiving Valentine’s is fun, is it not?

Valentine was a real person that lived 1700 years ago.  He lived during Roman Rule when practicing Christianity was forbidden and one would be persecuted if found practicing.  Also during Valentine’s lifetime the Roman Emperor, Claudius, did not allow marriage for his soldiers so they would focus solely on being warriors, not husbands and fathers.

Valentine was a Christian Priest and he taught Christ’s Love in a couple of ways: (1) By writing messages of love to people and (2) By marrying soldiers who were in love and wanted marriage.  Eventually Valentine was found out and arrested. One of the judges to sentence Valentine, Asterius, had a blind daughter that Valentine knew before his arrest.  Valentine would talk to her about Jesus’ Love and pray with her.  She found her way to visit Valentine in prison.

The day came for Valentine’s execution and he gave the blind girl a note about Love signing it “From Your Valentine”. The moment Valentine was executed the girl’s sight was restored and she could see.  Her father, Asterius, converted to Christianity after the miraculous healing of his daughter.

Valentine died in 269 AD and is the Patron Saint of Love.

Love everyday with all of your being and send out Valentine Notes to your loved ones more than just on St. Valentine’s Day.

God Bless You and Yours.

Truly, Zabrina Carlson Tipton

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